Learn how changing your water can transform your Health & Well-being!
Exposed! The truth behind your drinking water...
Discover how a simple solution to changing their water has helped thousands of local people
What Do We Focus On Here At TheBestWater?
#1: The Truth Behind Your Water
We share with you the potential damaging effects the water from your tap or even bottled water can have on your health.
#2: Testing Water At Home For Free
We show you how to test for chemicals in your water and demonstrate how you do not actually have to drink water to absorb these harmful chemicals.
#3: How To Easily Change Your Water For
We will point you in the direction of how you can easily change your water to provide your body with the the best possible environment for well-being.
Even someone without health issues can benefit...
Water is the most important substance in the world
Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is vital to our health. Water carries nutrients to cells, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, helps prevent headaches, fatigue and even aids in weight loss or maintenance. Our bodies are up to 70% water and staying well-hydrated is critical to our optimum health and survival. As the old saying goes, 'Prevention is Better Than Cure!'
FOLLOW MY HEALTH JOURNEY: Emma Hughes | Castledawson
Where I went from daily constant pain with my severe acid re-flux to being symptom free within 3 months!
 Each time I ate, the pain felt like a blow torch in my stomach.
 I was constantly grumpy due to the pain and this affected my family relationships.
 Eventually all the doctor prescribed medication stopped working.
 ​My mood was low and my normal zest for life seemed to disappear.
Within three months Of Changing My Water:
 It does not matter what I eat, I no longer suffer from acid re-flux. 
 My friends and family noticed a huge change in my attitude to life, they often commented I was back to myself. 
 I am no longer on any medication what so ever.
 I feel vibrant, full of energy, ready to live life to the max.
Don't Just take our word for it...
Here's What Other Local People Are Saying. Reach out to them!
I have to say I was more than sceptical when I first heard Barry talk about changing our water at home. But when my mum's health began to completely turn around, I was 100% convinced that people everywhere should know the benefits of making a change to the water they are drinking.  
- Ryan Brolly | Sion Mills | NI
From the moment that Barry tested my water supply and demonstrated the chemicals my body was absorbing, I knew I was going to take action. Luckily I hadn't got any health issues but the water seems to have given me lots more energy!

- Elaine McCarney | Tyrone | NI 
We started drinking Alkaline Ionised Water just over a year ago and it has proven to be the best decision we ever made and in hindsight we should have really started drinking it long before now.

- Tish Myles McElduff | Omagh 
I am converted to drinking the Best Water as after 2 weeks I reduced my medication for my severe IBS and osteoarthritis. I am on a journey of more energy and a better quality of life both physically and mentally.

- Margaret O'Brien | Eglinton | NI
Having reached the lowest point in life with my mental health, I began my journey to renewed health which started when I changed my water. Since then I have not looked back, the change in my life has made me want to help other people who may be suffering. 
- Heather Peoples| Co Donegal 
For years I have been suffering from severe psoriasis, the only solution that gave me any relief was a steroid cream that burned holes through my clothes. Since changing my water over 6 weeks ago, I am beginning to see a huge change and no longer use the cream!
- Joe Foster | Derry~Londonderry
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