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“Imagine at the age of 27 being forced to accept that I was never going to lead a normal life again due to my severe acid reflux!”
My name is Emma Hughes from Castledawson NI and I want to share my story with the world in the hope that I may be lucky enough to help prevent even one person from suffering the debilitating effects of severe acid reflux and horrific heartburn.
Maybe you think I am being a bit of a drama queen?
But the fact of the matter is, if you have never experienced severe acid reflux, you cannot begin to understand how it can negatively affect every part of your life and even the lives of your loved ones, because they have to live with you.

Every day became a daily struggle to just get through it:

  • Each time I ate, the pain felt like a blow torch in my stomach
  • I was constantly grumpy and irritable due to the pain and this affected my family relationships.
  • Eventually all the doctor prescribed medication stopped working.
  • ​After months of suffering and having test after test, I was finally diagnosed with a hiatus hernia but still I received no medical cure for my pain. 
  • ​My mood was low and my normal zest for life seemed to disappear, if I am completely honest, the truth being told I was borderline depressed.
These symptoms where only a few months ago…
In less than three months, I have managed to completely transform my health, come off all my medication and erradicate the physical and mental torture caused my my acid reflux.

I am so grateful for my new found health that I want to tell as many people as possible, obviously I am not trying to say I have a miracle cure but maybe from me sharing the steps I took on my journey to renewed health, it might be useful to someone else currently in the midst of severe physical pain and emotional suffering due to acid reflux.

I want to begin by sharing with you how I got to where I am today…

In September 2018 I started suffering from acid reflux and heartburn, it was nothing major to start off with but got gradually worse over that month. What started out as a small pain in my stomach ended up in what felt like a continuous burning sensation in my stomach and my abdomen was very tender and sore.

At the time I thought it was just a temporary issue and I was convinced it would pass as I have never been sick like that ever before. 

By the second month, the reflux was so bad that acid kept coming up into my throat continually throughout the day. It did not matter what I ate, even when I thought I was being good eating plain chicken and boiled rice, the acid just kept coming up.

At this stage I simply could not bear it anymore, I hated going to the doctors but I was faced with no other choice. 

We all know how difficult it is to get through to the doctors surgery these days to get an appointment, I literally spent hours every day calling from 8.30 am in the morning until finally when I got through on the third day and there was actually still an appointment available.
The doctor issued me with a prescription for Omeprazole but when I took it, I never got more than a few hours of relief from the pain. I was back at the doctors within the week where he issued a stronger dosage but again the acid reflux would return after a few hours.

Over the next few months, I was in and out of the doctors every other week,, where they constantly kept giving me medication that did not work. I was moved on to Esomeprazole but nothing seemed to work even when the dosage was doubled to its maximum strength
Furthermore the concoction of prescription drugs I was now consuming on a daily basis every few hours, was leading me to have other side effects which made me feel awful all the time.
By the time Christmas came around I felt utterly depressed... 
I just kept thinking to myself, how does a super fit and healthy 27 year old woman go from being at my peak physical health training five times per week, to barely being able to get myself up off the sofa or out of bed in the space of a few months!
Christmas seemed to come and go that year, yet at the time I thought it was never going to be over. I couldn’t enjoy my dinner like everyone else, never mind it had been months since I had a sociable drink. 

The thought of the pain that I was going to be in after it was just too much to even contemplate it. When someone asked me out for dinner, I would have been forced to make excuses not to go, I simply could not have endured the added pain.

I had now stopped all training so that took an even greater effect on my mental health. Even running on the treadmill was impossible as the movement was like shaking a fizzy bottle of acid inside my stomach and then letting the lid explode, the acid just burned my entire insides, right up into my mouth.

When the new year arrived, I knew in my heart that I had to do whatever it took to find relief from the continuous acid reflux and heartburn. It was now affecting every single part of my life on a daily basis. 

I was constantly grumpy due to the pain and this affected my relationships with my family & friends, it was not normal for me to be so irritable and ratty. But the worst part was that I didn’t even want to try and spend time with anyone as I was just so depressed.

Determined to get to the bottom of my sudden ill health, I went for test after test including multiple x-rays and ultrasounds but no one could give me any explanation, never mind a prescription to help with the pain.

Finally I got my appointment to have a camera inserted down my throat so the doctors could see first hand what was going on in my stomach. It was at this time I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, the relief I felt was amazing, now that I finally had a diagnosis and thus an explanation for my pain and suffering.

I remember thinking everything is going to be OK, now I finally have a diagnosis and therefore I will have a treatment plan in place that will relieve me from my pain and suffering so that I can get my life back. 
Months later I was still at my wits end with no hope of relief in sight, by now I had actually began to unwillingly accept that I was never going to live a normal life again or even any version of what used to be normal for me.

Unfortunately for me I had to reach my lowest point of despair before I was finally willing to listen to a friend Barry who had been trying to get me to try what he had done to overcome his severe acid reflux.

What Barry was suggesting I do, was make what seemed like such a small change that I just wrote it off as being completely insignificant.

But when I met Barry that day in the shop and he could see that I was in pain, he just asked what did I have to lose from just giving what he was suggesting a go, even just for a week.

All I can say is that it was as if fate made us bang into each other that day, at the exact moment I felt so horrific and finally took on board what Barry was suggesting I do.
Believe it or not, but with in one week, I was off all my medication! Now three months later:
  • It does not matter what I eat, I no longer suffer from acid reflux. 
  • My friends and family have noticed a huge change in my attitude to life, they often comment that I am back to myself.
  • I am still no longer on any medication whatsoever.
  • I once again feel vibrant, full of energy and I am back to training up to five times a week
Now that I have got my life back, each and every day I give thanks for Barry and his persistence in trying to reach out to me and help me. 

For months each time I met him, I would ask him what can I do to repay you for giving me the knowledge to heal my body. 
Barry’s response was the same each and every time…
He would say that, no repayment was necessary, he just loved helping others by sharing knowledge to help others on their journey to better health.

He did say to me that when the time was right, he would be grateful if I would share my story of my journey to better health with the aim of helping others who may be unnecessarily suffering from severe acid reflux and heartburn.

So here I am today telling my story in the hope that I too may help someone else on their journey to renewed health.

We are not doctors and in no way does the knowledge that we are sharing guarantee some sort of miracle cure. 

We are simply local people who have tried an alternative path to restore our health and want to point others in the right direction, to see how many other people we can help.
I have linked up with Barry and other like minded local people with the aim of educating others about how making one small change in their life could transform their physical health and emotional well-being. 

This website was created as a FREE, online educational resource to help anyone in their pursuit of optimum health. 

I hope I have inspired you that there is hope if you are currently suffering from acid reflux and heartburn.

I hope to read your story of renewed health in the near future.

Thank you for reading my mine.

Lots of Love


PS - Please share my story if you know someone currently suffering from acid reflux and heartburn and you think they might like to ready about my journey to better health.

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