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Tish Myles McElduff
 Omagh | Co Tyrone
We started drinking Alkaline Ionised Water just over a year ago and it has proven to be the best decision we ever made and in hindsight we should have really started drinking it long before now. After listening to my mother in law for 7 years talking about how great her water system was we finally looked into it and liked everything we were reading. After contacting The Best Water and a quick demonstration we had no hesitation in making our purchase.
As a family with 5 small children we choose to spread the cost of our machine over 16 months with a small deposit and before we knew it the machine was fully paid and working wonders in our busy family lifestyle. We use it daily on a constant basis from food preparation to drinking and from beauty care to cleaning windows and floors. It is easy to set up and so straight forward in use.

One of our highlights of having the machine was when our 4 year old son put his hand on the straighteners at the hairdressers and burnt his fours fingers very badly having to attend urgent care for treatment whereby they bandaged his hand and asked us to return the following day to check on the blisters

Our machine was just days old at this stage...on arrival home I immediately thought of the Alkaline Ionised water so I filled a bowl of pH 2.5 water, unbandaged my sons dressings and let him bathe his hand in it for about 5 mins to which you could see his instant relief, we repeated this again before he went to bed that night. The next morning we woke to find that the blisters had in fact completely disappeared and not even a hind of a burn to be seen on any of his fingers to our complete amazement and delight.

We continue to use it for cuts, cold sores, spots everything and it has proven to never have let us down yet… We absolutely love our machine and we are delighted we made our purchase, we would have no hesitation in recommending everyone to install one in their home, it will be the single best decision you will ever make.

Brian Cassidy
Ardbowe | Co Tyrone
I started drinking Alkaline Ionised Water just over 2 years ago and I have to say my life has changed for the better, I haven’t had a days sickness since I started drinking my water. 

My father had bowel and liver cancer and I believe the water has helped him get the all clear now one year on. Best health insurance I ever bought. Thank you

Samuel McConnell
 Omagh | Co Tyrone
I was diagnosed back in April 2012 as having Crohn's Disease, I would have had Diarrhea 8-12 times a day and 3 maybe 4 times during the night. My other symptoms included having:
> Severe abdominal pain 
> Chronic fatigue
> Aches & Pains
> Anemia
> Osteoporosis

It was my inability to absorb nutrients from food due to the inflammation in my colon that resulted in my development of anemia and osteoporosis. All of my symptoms above bothered me through my GCSE’s, A Levels and throughout University. 

I was being treated by the medical team in the South West Acute Hospital after being admitted in January 2017 for 11 days. I was given a course of steroids on tops of my anti inflammatory medication, I have been on since 2012 as well as my usual Infliximab treatment which is given every 8 weeks to reduce the TNF being produced which causes the inflammation. 

“None of these treatments would suppress my symptoms for any more than a fortnight at tops and my diarrhea would always return, along with the pain and the severe tiredness”. 

When I got out of hospital I started drinking Alkaline Ionised Water as I was willing to try anything to settle my pain to return to any kind of normal life. I had started drinking between 3-4 litres a day and within 4 days of starting this, my diarrhea had almost stopped and within a week, I had no diarrhea at all! I have since returned to just one maybe two normal bowel movements in the day. 

Within around 3 weeks we had decided to purchase a machine as my mother also suffers from Crohn’s Disease. At the time of writing 01-04-2017, 3 months later I can put my hand on my heart and say I have had normal bowel movements since. 

After having a full blood check done in March, my consultant in SWAH showed me the blood results and my inflammation markers are normal. As well as my full blood count, iron levels and vitamin levels being normal and at the highest I have ever had. 

I have also found myself having a lot more energy and being able to go about my normal work again, before I would have been napping during the day or even returning to bed for a few hours and everything would have had to be put on hold. My Crohns was part of my reason for deciding to become self employed because my fear was that I wouldn’t be able to hold down a normal job and would have had to take days off through my illness or for hospital appointments etc. 

Although I did do well through my A Levels and my degree, I do wish I had purchased a machine sooner, as I would not have had to battle through the pain and constant trips to the toilet as well as always being tired to carry out my assignments and revision. 

Collette Brolly
Sion Mills | Co Tyrone
My name is Collette Brolly, and I have been drinking Alkaline Ionised Water for over two years now. I can honestly say that without doubt it is the best investment I have made not just in my health but the health of my family and their friends. 
After several years of being in and out of hospital and being given medication after medication it is with great relief that I can say that I have never been back after purchasing my water ioniser and disciplining myself to drink the water every day without failing. I have never felt better as a result of feeding my body with Alkaline Ionised Water and giving it every chance to repair itself. 
My many previous health issues included: 
> Stomach issues
> Skin conditions
> Asthma
> Acid re-flux
> Breast infection
> Sinus problems
> Irritable bowel
I am delighted to say that these issues are all things of the past as a result of our family having the confidence to research and invest in our own health by way of Alkaline Ionised water. 

Donna Brady
 Co Monaghan | Ireland
I was introduced to Alkaline Ionised Water back in 2016, when I was heavily pregnant and suffering with bad acid re-flux. To be honest, at first I really wasn’t that interested, I just thought water was water...
But the acid re-flux got so bad that I would have tried anything, remarkably after taking it, within a few days I had relief.

The bigger issue in my life was depression. I had been on antidepressants for quite a number of years.. I had to come of them whilst pregnant and no one prepared me for the fall I would take. After giving birth I continued on the water as did my newborn. She suffered with thrush when born. I would spray the 2.5 water on her and it would clear it by the following day.

I have not taken an antidepressant since early 2016 and I can definitely say Alkaline Ionised water has played a huge part in this. Our machine is a huge part of our home. Like people need all the appliances in there home this is the main necessity in ours..
Everything can be replaced... But your health cannot... And this machine definitely benefited my life in the best way possible.

Lucinda Blakiston Houston
 Gortin | Co Tyrone
My name is Lucinda Blakiston Houston and I have a below knee amputation, for a long time I have suffered from Skin Breakdown on my leg stump. This has led to Cellulitis and other infections which have put me back into the wheelchair again. Just over a few months ago I was introduced to Alkaline Ionised Water which I started drinking on a regular basis. 
I proceeded to read and apply the “Skin Protocol Recommendations” by bathing my leg accordingly and have encountered very few problems to date. I can now wear the leg all day and happily walk around all day totally free of any pain or discomfort. 

Human nature being as it is, I would have a tendency to overdo things at times and as a result I would feel a skin breakdown coming on. A quick wash with the 3 waters recommended in the protocol book and I am good again. Amazing, I feel I have my leg back again!

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